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Specialty Macaron

French macaron can be created in more shapes than round!
We create custom macaron shapes and designs perfect for any celebration. Consider these unique cookies for your wedding, birthday, or holiday gift.
We can create something unique to fit any occasion! 
The Child Macaron Set
Mermaid Macaron
Mice Wedding Macaron
Koala Macaron
Hey Corgeous
Pineapple Macaron
Alien & Galaxy Macaron
Colorful Llama Macarons
Batman Macaron
Galaxy Macarons
Ohio State Buckeyes Macaron
Tototor Macaron
Elephant Macarons
Watercolor Lavender Macaron
Avocado & Toast Macaron
Animal Macaron Set
Llama & Cactus Macaron
Whale Macaron
Luck of the Irish Macaron
Baby Dino macaron
Winnie The Pooh Macaron
Pig Macaron
Sea Turtle Macarons
Unicorn Macarons
Ice Cream Cones macaron
Harry Potter Inspired Macaron
Giraffe Macaron
Monkey Macaron
Donut Macaron
Mini Macarons
Mouse Macarons
Shark MAcaron
Oyster & Pearl Macarons
Sloth Macarons
Flying Unicorn macaron
Cookie Monster Macaron
Elmo Macarons
Cactus Macarons
Pastel Kitties
Bee Macarons
Painted Wedding Macaron
Hedgehog Macaron
bridal shower macaron
Panda Panda Panda
Kitty Macarons
Llama Drama
Owl Macaron
Teddy Bears
For 🦊 sake
Golden Snitch
Custom Dog Macarons
You're just jelly
Narwhal Macaron
Happy Teeth Macaron
Polar Bear macaron
Penguin Macaron
Snowmen macaron
Black & Gold Oyster Macaron
Octopus Macarons
Anime Macarons
You're a star
Some bunny wants these
Painted Macarons
mini pine tree macaron
Farm Animals Macarons
School Macarons
Halloween Macarons
We SLEIGH the macaron game 🦌🛷🎄
Horse Macarons
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